CCA provides a Christian Camp experience where kids and adults alike are able to strengthen their relationship with God. Christ centered activities, games, competition, and Biblical teamwork experiences enrich the summer camp weeks and weekend retreats and help foster new friendships during a literal mountaintop adventure.


In 1961, The Falke family allowed for twenty-six acres of a beautiful mountainside in Lexington, New York, to be used by Catskill Christian Assembly Inc for the purpose of holding Christian Camps for the independent Churches. Today, Catskill Christian Assembly Inc is known and loved as CCA.

One of the primary goals of CCA is to not only introduce people to Jesus Christ but to reinforce their faith in Him. Various camp weeks and/or retreats happen during each year. Teaching and preaching the Gospel are highest on the list of CCA activities. There are many other leisure time activities. Some of these activities can include hiking, fishing, softball, volleyball, ping pong, campfires, etc. The fellowship of common believers at CCA is an invaluable resource for churches within the brotherhood, especially those Churches which are small and sometimes feel isolated in the big city.

CCA is a not for profit organization.

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